How safe is YOUR drinking water?

Most people at one time or another question the safety of the drinking water that they rely upon every day in their homes. Whether you live in the country with your own well or use city supplied water, unwanted chemicals can be present in your drinking water.

What problems could I have?


Contaminants can be present in home water because of faulty plumbing, chemicals and fertilizers leaching into groundwater supplies, run-off from agricultural processes, drug contamination, flooding and chemical water treatment processes. In areas where hydrofracking is utilized, groundwater contamination is also a major homeowner concern.

What else?

Animal Health

Contaminated water can make your pets sick. Many of the human health conditions caused by unwanted water conditions also affect your pets. For example excessive levels of chlorine in your pet’s drinking water may cause increased risk of cancer. Some conditions cause dry skin and even impaired alertness. Test your water to be sure you are not harming your pets.

What else?

Nobody puts baby in untested water

If you’re concerned about your pet’s health, what about your family’s? Would you bathe your child in untested water? Isn’t it worth knowing for sure that your water supply is safe and secure for your family’s well-being? Of course it is.

What can I do?

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