Additional Water Quality Advice

LabTech® does not perform remediation of water contaminants nor provide remediation system advice. It is often advisable to determine the source of the contaminants in your home drinking water before investigating water cleaning systems. For example, city water is often contaminated inside the pipes in your home. Fixing a leaching pipe problem may be a better alternative than investing in a water purification system. If contaminants, such as pesticides, are entering your water system, investigating and stopping the source of the pesticides may be the best solution.
There are several commercial water companies that have developed water purification systems that may be able to be adopted to your water quality situation. Some of the commercial products are location specific, such as faucet and under the sink filters. Other systems are attached to the water system entering the premises and treat all the water in the residence, no matter the faucet location.

We recommend that before embarking on any water treatment system, you thoroughly research the nature and severity of your water quality situation. Many of the remediation systems are costly and may require professional testing to determine the correct remediation solution. The websites below may assist you in your investigation of your problem:

Water Quality Association
This association provides valuable information on water quality and lists contact information for companies which provide professional testing and remediation systems. 
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Provides information on drinking water protection, state drinking water office contact information, water security and other resources to help in understanding water quality.
EPA toll free Drinking Water Hotline
Call 1-800-426-4791.  The Hotline provides information about drinking water and ground water programs authorized under the Safe Drinking Water Act.  
Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Provides regulation, prevention and drinking water system information.   
U.S. Geological Survey
Lists regional assessment of water quality, studies on existing and new contaminants and a host of water quality topics.
National Pesticide Information Center
Maintains a whole library of pesticides.
US Department of Agriculture
You can also obtain water quality information from your county extension office. To locate your extension office and contact information, look online.  


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