Test Procedure Frequently Asked Questions

Does the temperature of the water matter in the test?
For best results, we suggest that you use cool (tepid) tap water for most of the tests.  Follow the specific directions for the hydrogen sulfide test.

Where should I get the water to test?
An inside tap may be used, however because your own pipes may be the source of some contamination, you may want to test water from different taps. Since many of the contaminants pose problems if ingested, we suggest that you use a tap where drinking water is typically drawn.

Can I use the same water for all the tests?
Follow the test instructions exactly.  Discard water sample after each test and gather a fresh sample for the next test.

How do I dispose of the water that I used in the tests?
Used water samples may be flushed down the drain with water, except for the Total Coliform Bacteria test.  Follow the specific instructions for disposing of the Total Coliform Bacteria test.  The test strips may be discarded in the trash.

Do the test strip deteriorate over time?
The test strips are designed for prompt use once the outer package is opened. The shelf life of our test strips is 24 months.

The test strip package was open. Will it still work?
If the sealed strip package is open, the strip has been exposed to air and moisture and the test results may be compromised. For best results, use the test strip immediately after opening the sealed strip package.

What pesticides will the H2O OK Plus test for?
The pesticide test is a one-step qualitative immunoassay for detecting the presence of unsafe levels of atrazine or simazine in water samples.

Are any of the chemicals in these tests dangerous?
Use care when handling any product that contains chemicals. The tablets in the Total Coliform Bacteria test contain no substances which, at their given concentration, are considered to be hazardous to health. However, tablets should not be ingested. If you touch the tablets, wash hands thoroughly. View our Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

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