Joe don't know dirt.

But you will.

Keep your garden, lawn, and potted plants healthy by taking good care of the soil where your plants make their home.

How to test your soil

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Soil Master Soil Testing retail package

Soil Test Kit

Testing your soil is particularly important when planting a new lawn or repairing your existing lawn in the fall. Adding the right nutrients is critical in ensuring that the plants you choose have the best chance of succeeding. Test your soil in different areas to apply the right nutrients.

What about soil pH?

Soil Master pH meter retail package

pH Meter

All around your garden are catalysts for pH change, some that you can control and some that you cannot. Keep your eyes open to all of them and use the Soil Master™ pH Meter to determine those changes and properly manage your soil.

What about moisture?

Soil Master pH meter retail package
Soil Master moisture meter retail package

Moisture Meter

Soil Master™ Moisture Meter accurately measures the moisture content of your soil and can be used for both indoor and outdoor plants. Remember that your garden plants also need care, so use it on all your plants and trees.

Couldn't this be simpler?

Soil Master moisture, pH, and light meter retail package.

Moisture, pH, and Light Meter

In fact, it can be simpler. That's why we created an all-in-one meter: this versatile meter combines the testing requirements for moisture, light and pH in one meter. A simple switch gives you quick access to each reading.

How do I purchase one?

Soil Master moisture, pH, and light meter retail package.

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