Soil Master Soil Testing KitMosser Lee’s Soil Master Brand soil testing kit is the first name in soil testing. All Soil Master products meet exact testing standards to assure you that you can rely on the results of your soil testing.

Soil Master™ Test Kit contains all that you need to test your soil; test tubes, tablets and complete instructions. It is quick and easy to test your soil. Use this kit to measure the soil pH, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content. Each test will tell you how to improve your plant’s chances to flourish, develop and thrive. Your yield for garden vegetable plants is completely dependent on the condition of the soil. Remember, excessive use of nutrients in addition to being wasteful, can be harmful to your plants and the environment.

Soil testing is particularly important when planting a new lawn or repairing your existing lawn in the fall. Adding the right nutrients is critical in ensuring that the grass seed you choose has the best chance of succeeding. Test your lawn in different areas to apply the right nutrients.

Each kit provides enough tablets to perform 10 tests for each of the four conditions. This allows you to test your soil often and compare results after corrective action has been taken.

A product of Labtech. Backed by over 80 years experience.