Soil Master Moisture Meter packagingMosser Lee’s Soil Master Brand of soil testing equipment is the first name in soil testing. All Soil Master products meet exact testing standards to assure you that you can rely on the results of your soil testing.
Your plants need the correct soil conditions, especially the right amount of water. Every plant has different needs, so testing and comparing the results to standards will help your plants flourish. When you notice stress in your plants (leaves turn yellow or turn brown), it is often too late to take corrective action. This is why you need to test the growing conditions of your plants often.
Soil Master™ Moisture Meter accurately measures the moisture content of your soil and can be used for both indoor and outdoor plants. Remember that your garden plants also need care, so use it on all your plants and trees. No batteries required.
The Soil Master™ Moisture Meter uses a unique moisture testing method. It will only work in soil and will not register a reading if put directly into water. It also requires no batteries.
A product of Labtech. Backed by over 80 years experience.