LabTech® Product Frequently Asked Questions

Can I detect the water situation without a test? 
Most water contamination situations cannot be identified without a chemical test. Many contain small, yet significant amounts of pollutants which produce visible reactions when exposed to specific reactants. However, certain water pollutants are identifiable through smell or observation, such as hydrogen sulfide and iron bacteria.

Will LabTech® water analysis kits identify E. coli?
The bacteria test is a screening tool for total coliforms; it does not test specifically for E. coli or fecal coliform.  It does not indicate whether or not your water is safe to drink. If a positive test result is obtained, it is recommended that you get a confirmed test run from a qualified testing lab to determine the quantity and type of bacteria that may be present. Many testing labs are listed in the Yellow Pages and on the internet.

Will LabTech® water analysis kits test for algae bloom?
No. A laboratory water test is required to determine the presence and type of algae that may be present in a water sample.

Will LabTech® water analysis kits test for fracking chemicals?
No.  A laboratory test is required to detect the type and quantity of chemicals that may be present in water as a result of fracking operations. There are many different types of chemicals used in the fracking industry. Further complicating the development of a home DYI test for the presence of fracking chemicals is that many drilling companies use different chemical combinations.

Can I use LabTech® water analysis kits in river, lake and stream water?
Yes.  Be aware that waterways that have high contamination counts may already be posted. We recommend that our Complete Water Analysis Kit be used on river and lake water before allowing children to swim in the water.  The range that the LabTech® test strips cover could apply to many types of water and can be used as a general gauge of water quality. Be aware that outdoor waters will generally provide a positive test for Total Coliform Bacteria.

Can I use LabTech® water analysis kits to test well water?
Yes.  Our Complete Water Analysis Kit includes tests for pesticides and bacteria which are often present in private wells in rural areas. Both LabTech® water analysis kits test for nitrates and nitrites, which invade ground water from septic systems, acid rain and agriculture field runoff. If your water supply is not chlorinated, the chlorine test will not apply.

Why do I need to test my city-supplied water?
Municipal water systems are closely controlled by several government authorities, which are charged with establishing water quality standards and system contaminant tests. It is rare that municipal systems will produce contaminated water, however several times each year such systems have become compromised, normally the result of high levels of bacteria. In these cases, municipal authorities are quick to issue “boil water” notices. H2O OK Plus™ Complete Water Analysis Kit tests drinking water for bacteria, which we recommend be used in homes to test the water after a municipal bacteria problem has been cleared. The more important reason to test drinking water supplied by municipal systems is that the plumbing system within a home or apartment can contaminate otherwise safe water with elements such as lead and copper.

How do I open the foil test strips?
Peel back the top layer of foil using the foil tab on the right side of the pouch. Only handle the white end of the strip opposite the color pads.  This end is at the right side where you begin to peel back the foil.  Do not touch the color pads.  Follow the instructions and times specifically for each test.

Do pets get the same health problems from water contaminants as people?
Generally, household pets are prone to most of the same waterborne contaminant issues as humans. By their nature, some pets do not display contaminant indications even though these pets are experiencing a particular affliction. This is the reason that LabTech® suggests that all tap water used for pet hydration be tested each year. 

Does LabTech® make any other testing products?
Yes.  LabTech’s® parent, the Mosser Lee Company, makes several soil testing products sold under the Soil Master™ brand. The Soil Testing Kit is used by gardeners to test the four basic soil nutrition properties: Nitrogen, Phosphorous, pH and Potassium. The company also sells soil testing meters: Moisture meter, pH meter and a combination meter which measures pH, light and moisture. All products can be purchased on line at


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